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Spotlight on Applications

Welcome to Spotlight on Applications, a quarterly compendium of our most recent analytical applications, delivering a variety of topics which address the pressing issues and analytical challenges you may face in your application areas today. Our Spotlight on Applications e-zine consists of a broad range of applications within various industries, which you’ll be able to access at your convenience.

The Table of Contents provides a quick summary by industry of the applications featured in each release. You can access each one from the Table of Contents through direct links to the industry/segment or application of your choice or by flipping through the e-zine clicking on the bottom outside corner of each page.

For each application featured, you will be able to view an abstract and click on the “Download Entire Application Note/Brief” icon on the bottom of each page to download the complete PDF from our website.

Spotlight on Applications

Food & Beverage: Food Fraud Special Edition

This special edition e-zine features a variety of food fraud applications dedicated to recent releases in Food Fraud. In this volume we introduce you to applications using our new DairyGuard Milk Powder Analyzer as well as other screening and detection techniques using GC/MS, LC/MS, DSA/TOF, DSC, UV/Vis and Infrared (FT-IR, NIR).

Spotlight on ApplicationsVolume 16

This volume features a variety of applications in fields from Food & Beverage to Forensics & Toxicology, featuring applications in techniques such as HPLC/ICP-MS and ICP-MS. This volume also covers applications in Consumer Products, Environmental Analysis and Pharmaceuticals & Nutraceuticals.